I designed my major to be relatable to my identity. I believe that in order to be as successful as humanly possible, passion alone will take you farther than any other attribute. Being able to use passion to drive success is what I believe to be an aspect that brings meaning to life. I am … Continue reading Introduction


Personal Learning Network Portfolio

I wanted to contribute to my personal learning network by sharing my ideas on how to better an athletes psyche. I also started collaborating with other aspiring sport psychologist to try an build new knowledge. It is amazing how FUN it can be to communicate with people who share the same interests! Below are a … Continue reading Personal Learning Network Portfolio

Sport Psychology Consulting

Independent Study: Mental Skills Training with Collegiate Athletes  The plan for my Research Project is to consult the psychological aspects of sport with four athletes of different ages. Four Plymouth State Men’s Lacrosse players, one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. The major idea of this project is to get a different perspective … Continue reading Sport Psychology Consulting